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I’ve been to many places – over 15 Countries now. I’ve never been so drawn to a place to a point of returning numerous times. New York City is one of the only places that can make me feel that way.

I finally made it to San Francisco. It has been on my list for almost a year now due to its expensive nature. Real budget travel is not my thing. Let me define that–I don’t survive on bread and cold cuts while couch surfing as some other wanderer’s do.

Madrid, Spain

Another trip made possible by an amazing deal! $300 from Austin to Madrid with 1 connection via Delta. Although Madrid is not the best city to start hopping around Europe, I couldn’t resist the steal. Not to mention my $19 a night AirBnb room in central Madrid. Much like many other European Countries, Madrid is very reasonable in terms of cost. $0.25 water bottles and $1 cured cold cuts from the supermarket anyone?

I’m kicking myself for not having done this in October of 2011 earlier when the program was formed. No, I’m not being sponsored to write this, but I think this is important to those traveling with an origin in the United States.

So, what is TSA Pre-Check?


Versailles Restaurant – known as the world’s most famous Cuban restaurant built in 1971. Tourist and locals alike can be found here ordering tasty Cuban cuisine’s. Portions are generous and affordable around $10 a dish. They also have daily specials, but they do run out so come early! You even get a free mojito while you wait outside!
Versailles Bakery – A small local hang out quite literally next door to the restaurant. Open til 3 am, a MUST for pastries. 2 pastries and 1 café con leche (coffee with milk) for $3.
S&S Diner Miami – Small family run business. You can tell they bust their ass trying to accommodate everyone. Don’t come here if you don’t have patience or get upset when your refill takes too long. Amazing breakfast for around $10 a plate.


Why did I visit Miami? Well, I found a flight for $85 (Yes, roundtrip) via United so it would have really disappointed the travel gods if I didn’t book it. Plus, I’m a sucker for good beaches. I was able to snag this deal a couple of months ahead of time. I was even given the option to book this deal over the 4th of July week. I was also able to book an intermediate size car totaling $100 for 4 days. Traveling on a budget can be done!

Beyond excited to start this blog that is very much overdue! Stay tuned to read…